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Sue and Andy

Now you can relax and enjoy your last day in sunny Poland. Dad wishes he could join you on the pub crawl. We have throughly enjoyed the blog,what a great job Lauren.
Have fun both, but take care and have a safe trip home. Looking forward to seeing you


Have some fun - you deserve it. This blog was such a blast to read! See ya back in the USA soon :)

Susan-Warren Hospital

We have loved your blog! We wish it would never end!
Thanks for all the laughs.
Have a safe trip home!


Aah, I didn't get to talk to you before you/I left! But I hope you have safe trips back home and I'll try to email you from Israel! Love you girls, see you in a couple of weeks!


Gawd, Ladies! This has been such a hoot! Say it doesnt have to end!!! Y'all are just too funny!

Steel Turman

Why don't you stay for the pre-med program or something and keep the funny going on?

I'll send food if ya do.

Les Nessman


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